‘They would never do that to me! They love me! I know them! We’re family! They promised not to!’
Yeah. I’d thought that too.

Sound: “Does this mean we’re all just kind of weird OCs?” You and I both. Come on, you’re half-Japanese and you came around near 2008, you have silver irises, this shouldn’t be That much of a shock. She’d giggled. “At least I don’t have my Scene hair anymore.”
Kaspar actually gave itself the sign of a cross at that.

“It sounds like she got to them. Idk what it is. Sara has always had this… Aura about her. It draws people in. And it fucking traps them. And if you break free, if you see even a glimpse of the truth, you’ve seen too much now. You need to be eliminated.”

“And she’s a sociopath, Mum. It’s basically a whole ‘keep your friends close and enemies closer.’ She can’t help it. She has to do this charisma-masking thing. The fact that she hardly paid me any attention is proof that I’m more important to her.” Mates, I was brainwashed, brainwashed.