Re: March’s Documents. (BONUS CONTENT, Short Read)

As I alluded to in my last blog, while I lay slumbering in Arkady’s bed, Ash and Arkady were rifling through March’s personal documents. And, as much as I’ve spoken out about what he did with my journal, I decided that this was the time to take advantage of the time he had his privacy violated and take a stand.

The truth about March’s documents is…

It’s none of your business.

And only a pathetic, parasitic coward of the highest degree would go through someone else’s private documents without their consent and reveal them to further an agenda.

And it was no business of mine, Arkady’s, or Ash’s. Ash and Arkady did find something shocking amd rushed down to tell me, something that revealed that he had lied about something both off-topic and important. Ash hated being lied to about anything, and this was the catalyst for us confronting March a second time. And that’s all you really need to know about the contents.

March went through my journals in 2020. He took a picture of it, held it open with his own hands in my bedroom that he was in without my knowledge or consent, and shared it to group chat(s) to prove how crazy I was. He was a vile, parasitic miasma for having done so.

Many believe it was a revenge for what Ash had done to him. I repeat, revenge against me, for what Ash had done to him.

Since then, Arkady and Ash had expressed ‘remorse’ for going through my things, but never once stopped holding what they saw against me. And did this multiple times. There is no remorse or regret without public apology or at least an attempt at rectification.

Does this mean that I don’t think March deserved it?

Frankly, he deserves to choke on glass and bleed profusely, and probably get several infections while healing– one that hopefully takes out his vocal chords and spares the world from anymore breathy, 900-number condescension or the bedroom noises that sounded like a kicked terrier.

But I’m not lowering myself to his and Ash’s disgusting and deplorable standards of “justice.”

P.S. You deserve the panic attack you had and the embarrassment you surely caused yourself from this post and the next, Valerian.