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Cheeky Memoirs of How a D.I.D. System Became a Manipulator’s Personal Puppet Show. Twice.

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No Gods or Kings (Epilogue)

The threat of litigation was supposed to unnerve me into silence, but to the contrary, I was looking forward to it.

Don’t Wait (Winter/Spring of 2021)

[Self-harm, alcoholism, gallows humour involving csa, brief references to suicide.] November 5th, 2022. Cotton and I stood in Johnson Square, waiting for our Uber. We’d had an extravagant night, with two of my closest friends and a lovely sister of one of theirs that I only recently met. We’d had dinner at Chive, which has…

Take Offs and Landings (November/December of 2018.)

I smiled regretfully, taking a sip of my cocktail. “I have a free flat in a historic inn, Rowan. It’ll take me a lot to give that up. And– rooftop bars! A literal speakeasy! I belong to a concierge society where they give me free wine just for existing.” “What was that?” Rowan teased. “I…

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