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Cheeky Memoirs of How a D.I.D. System Became a Manipulator’s Personal Puppet Show. Twice.

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We’re All Being Used. (September of 2017)

“Xanthe, I’m sorry, but if Wendy is going to be a fixture in your life,” Apollo began cuttingly, “then I’m going to continue to get prickly about it.”
At this, I actually laughed. “Apollo. No one is a fixture in my life, I can assure you.”

Reprise (August 3rd, 2020. Sparrow and Xanthe.)

You might have continued to groom systems and people with delusional disorders with impunity. But you just had to flex how many walls had your ears on them, had to prove to all of us that there was no hiding our thought crimes from you. My continued existence is your fault, Rowan.

Symmetry (SH, XI, XZ, KD Collab. July of 2020.)

Rowan couldn’t even handle having their German Shepard live with them, now they want an entire infant human? I was surprised by the immediate black rage I felt building from Story. “Oh, so you’re kicking one kid out and the replacement’s already been lined up. Let’s just reenact Dear Zachary in real time, shall we?”

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