The Kirra Saga

  • Summer of 2007. Nebula meets April through a mutual friend. Neither of them like each other and used the mutual friend, Jeannine, as a battleground for about a year.

  • Summer of 2008. Nebula and April, after having feuded over said mutual friend, become friends themselves.

  • Autumn of 2009. Illusion and Jake begin talking and Neb starts to see Jake within Illusion’s area of the inworld.

  • Late Winter of 2009. Nebula’s friend group breaks up for various reasons, some citing their dislike towards April. Some were threatened by characters of April’s. Nebula’s boyfriend at the time expresses he doesn’t ‘want to date someone without a future.’ Neb breaks up with him and finds that most of her friend circle are now taken up by April and her friends.

  • January of 2010: Illusion and Jake are married.

  • February of 2010: Sound and Calisto move from Toronto, Canada, to Illusion’s house, to lay low. Nebula begins to skip school regularly to keep April from trying to kill herself. April ‘invites over’ JaK, who begins dating Sound.

    Romeo flies into a jealous and suicidal rage over JaK dating Sound, so Calisto keeps him under suicide watch to placate them. Then Calisto and Romeo begin dating.

  • May of 2010: JaK and Sound have a wedding in Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany. Neb and April both attend over a weekend and complain of feeling ‘Jetlagged’ afterwards. Sound moves to Paris to live with JaK and Prosper.

  • Summer of 2010: Vex appears as a protective alter, along with the rest of the Atlantis inworlders and mythos. Nebula becomes entirely isolated outside of April and her characters.

  • January of 2011: April physically assaults Nebula at the Ohayocon anime convention because April can’t find her own wig cap.

  • June of 2011: Nebula graduates high school. She’s unable and unwilling to take a job or apply for college due to feeling obligated to help put out fires in the inworld and April’s life.

  • Autumn of 2011: April and her mother have a violent fight. Neb comes to the house to keep April company and has to sneak out of the second story window when April’s mother returns.

  • Winter of 2011: April threatens suicide and logs off abruptly, not allowing Neb to try to beg her out of it for the first time. Neb calls the police while away from the dinner table, then comes back and eats like nothing happened.

  • Early Spring of 2012: April and her mother get into another fight. Neb helps April sneak out and they take shelter at a friend’s house, but the police find out where April is and take her away and give her to her dad’s custody for the weekend.

  • Early Summer of 2012: April is accepted to the Savannah art university. Neb also applies to the same university, but gives up halfway through the application process when Dad informs her that she would have to do her own paperwork.

  • July of 2012: Nebula makes the decision that she would follow April down to Georgia, despite having no job or housing lined up. She purchases a 1999 Mitsubishi Mirage with her graduation money and saves the rest ($300) to live on when she got there. She gets her driver’s license the same month.

  • August of 2012: April moves to Savannah, Georgia, for school. She tells Neb that she won’t bother keeping in contact with long-distance friends, but alludes to a ‘creep’ that she needs Neb to protect her from.

  • September 9th, 2012: Nebula packs meager belongings into her car and drives from Marysville, Ohio to Savannah, Georgia. Her family is led to believe that she was going to be sharing an apartment with April.

  • September 10th, 2012: Nebula arrives in Savannah and sleeps in a church parking lot. She would later move to a strip mall parking lot in order to sleep. She begins looking for work.

  • September of 2012: Nebula starts falling in with a group of welcoming homeless people, which reminds Xanthe of their own backstory. Xanthe begins waking up and sleeping under bridges rather than their car.

  • Early October of 2012: April screams at Nebula for failing to do her homework for her. Nebula falls into a spiral of self-loathing and contemplates suicide. Xanthe helpfully suggests a more dramatic way she could do it. She nearly sets herself on fire, but it saved by a homeless friend.

  • Mid-October of 2012: Xanthe witnesses an outerworld fight-turned-manslaughter on River St., in which they’re nearly pulled down to their death. This intensifies their presence by further traumatizing Nebula and reminding Xanthe of their backstory.

  • Late October of 2012: Nebula is officially hired at Fire Street Food as a food runner.

  • November 3rd, 2012: Nebula moves into a cheap and shoddy duplex. She boasts to April that she managed the impossible and managed to overcome homelessness just to be with her. April is on break at this time and texts back, “Good for you. I hate my carpet.”

  • Late November/Early December, 2012: April talks to Nebula for the last time, calling her writing ‘drab and simplistic.’

  • December 17-18th, 2012: Xanthe wakes up fully fronting for the first time. They find themselves on their balcony and they’re entranced by how the lights look in the fog. They begin dressing Victorian and living their life in the way that reflects their inworld backstory.

    A progression of hosts. The first three are partially me. Then it’s Neb until the second to last picture. The last two are fully me.
  • Late December, 2012: April and her dog, ‘Amaterasu’, have to be housed in Xanthe’s home as they wait for the [UNIVERSITY] dorms to open back up. Xanthe finds April vaguely entitled and annoying.

  • February 14th, 2013: Xanthe gets Fired from Fire for not being Asian.

  • March 9th, 2013: Xanthe is hired as a breakfast server at an undisclosed historic inn.

  • May of 2013: Xanthe is involved in a serious car accident, spraining their wrist and knee. The Mitsubishi Mirage was totaled. They used the insurance money to purchase a moped that same summer.

    Xanthe begins to express that they feel like they are not Neb, but is mostly rebuffed for ‘complicating things.’ Starts to go by CLockwork.

  • May of 2013: Xanthe meets a girl named Elisabeth and almost immediately begins an unofficial whirlwind of a romance relationship with her.

  • June 19th, 2013: After a few weeks of dating, Elisabeth disappears. Xanthe had been worried that they had been ghosted before finding out from a local barista that Elisabeth had succumbed to an illness.

  • Summer of 2013: Xanthe explores Savannah on the back of their moped. April verbalizes resentment that ‘Mr. Fedora’ still was vying for her attention. She asserts that she should ‘pretend to be a guy’ to ‘fuck with him.’

  • August of 2013: April asserts, via a comic, that the reason Xanthe hasn’t entered a relationship with her yet is because April has a flat chest and that Xanthe is “a lesbian.” To win the argument, Xanthe agrees to date April to prove they’re actually pansexual.

  • September 13th, 2013: April and Xanthe have their first date– a moped ride and tea in the Foxy Loxy courtyard.

  • September 27th-29th, 2013: Xanthe attends their first and last convention, Anime Weekend Atlanta, with April. This is a nightmarish event that preludes what’s to come.

  • November of 2013: April reveals to Xanthe that she plans to abandon Xanthe and find someone else ‘bookish like them’ if she were to flunk out of [University undisclosed.] Xanthe loses trust in April and Xanthe’s system reacts in resentment. April is later pressured to apologise ‘because everyone flipped out over it.’

    Vex disparages April for it. Aberle and Koji also get involved in criticizing April’s move in the situation.

  • January of 2014: JaK and Koji attempt to be married for the first time, but Romeo feels spurned that he wasn’t invited to the wedding. This sparks a torrent of vitriol aimed at Koji, resulting in his harassment and ostracization.

    At this same time, Xanthe becomes closer friends with both Aberle and Cotton as their relationship with April further deteriorates.

  • Spring of 2014: April concocts a scheme to ‘pretend she’s trans.’ to get Fedora to leave her alone. The motivation is sometimes switched to getting ahead in her art career or treating her endometriosis. Xanthe, not willing to participate in something they were told was a farce, is widely criticized for ‘misgendering’ their partner.

  • September of 2014: Xanthe and Avery meet at Gallery Espresso. Avery introduces Xanthe to the concept of ‘non-binary.’ At the same time, Aberle introduces Xanthe to the concept of ‘polyamory.’

  • October of 2014: Avery and April meet while having drinks at Chive Sea Bar. April tells Avery that her pronouns are ‘All of the gods saying every pronoun simultaneously.’ Xanthe has a hysterical breakdown in the lavatory.

  • November of 2014: Xanthe is confirmed to be moving into the inn to be the overnight attendant. Xanthe announces this to April, who begins asserting that she would be moving in with Xanthe. When Xanthe confesses that this cohabitation is not at all part of their plans, April kicks their ribs until they crack.

    Xanthe, still recovering, asks to drink and vent with their supervisor. This leads to alcohol poisoning and a pre-emptive voicemail on April’s phone. “If I die tonight, it’s out of spite!” April sends a friend to revive Xanthe.

  • Late November of 2014: April has decided to give Xanthe 30 days to convince her not to commit suicide. Xanthe takes a walk to the bridge with nebulous intentions, but is quickly confronted with a dynamic inworld plot involving their creator. Xanthe gets caught up in their inworld and completely forgets to meet April’s deadline. Deadline, get it?

  • December of 2014: Kaspar and Xanthe, after months of long-distance correspondence, have a sordid meeting in Prague, Czech Republic. Their meeting ends in the death of Kaspar’s abuser. Kaspar is invited to Xanthe’s Chaotix thread and Xanthe bargains for Kaspar to retain their human life.

    April has an inworld breakdown, crying about her dead twin brother, ‘Kieran’, who had been absorbed by him in the womb.

  • Winter of 2015: As Xanthe begins to suspect that April may have Histrionic Personality Disorder or some other sort of disorder, the inworld begins to get more and more violent. Incidents of people seeming to talk from April’s point of view would began more often and people appeared to reference knowledge they were not privy to. JaK attempts to set Xanthe on fire.

  • April 12th, 2015: Avery posts an alarming status, and then immediately goes missing the day of April’s birthday. Buchanan jokes about a scenario in which Avery had jumped to their death. April, sensing that Xanthe’s attentions are elsewhere, feigns being blind the entire walk home. Xanthe, feeling as though they were cheated out of a relationship with the possibly dead Avery, makes plans to break up with April.

    Avery is discovered alive more than a week later, having been committed for showing their scarred genitals to a university counselor. They expressed surprise at this turn of events.

  • April 27th, 2015: Xanthe tries to break up with April, saying that they’re just not meant for traditional relationships. April retaliates by saying that JaK was found today, lying face down, in a river. Xanthe suddenly sees the grizzly scene and witnesses Koji and Sound grieving for their husband. Xhaxhollari and Xanthe take turns trying to convince April out of it, swearing that they trusted April, that they’d never leave her, and that they loved her. After a few hours of begging, April relented, and JaK was brought back to life. They both realise that if Xanthe breaks up with April, it will lead to more deaths in the inworld.

  • May of 2015: Xanthe begins to spiral and drink heavily, still reeling from the discovery of April’s control over their life as well as the horrifying scene they were subjected to. Xhaxhollari tries to keep the peace. They cheat on April with Avery just before Avery moves, already having tried to end the relationship and feeling they had no other recourse.

    As April searches for a more permanent living situation in Savannah, Xanthe comes clean to Cotton about the inworld and April’s control over it.

  • Summer of 2015: Xanthe’s struggle with blackmail and derealisation leads to a series of drunken mishaps. The inworld becomes increasingly violent, leading to Xanthe being pushed down the stairs and suffering a severe stab wound. April mocks Xanthe’s belief in this world, seeming to delight in the fact that it was all real to them. April’s dead twin, ‘Kieran’, contacts Xhaxhollari and attempts to befriend him.

    April and Cotton move in together. Xanthe finally discloses to Cotton the extent of April’s brutality and blackmail.

  • October of 2015: Having somewhat resigned themselves to their fate, Xanthe is once again motivated to rid themselves of April during Oscar Wilde’s birthday party. They begin to manipulate their group away from depending on April and her plotlines. They begin drafting their own version of ‘De Profundis’, having been inspired by Oscar Wilde.

    Xhaxhollari forms an alliance with Kieran and tampers with the break-up email.

    October 31st, 2015: Wandyr Calais Heart is born, which was one of the pre-requisites of Xanthe leaving April, since they didn’t want to harm Wandyr’s chances of being born.

  • November 5th, 2015: After going bar-hopping for their birthday, Xanthe arrives back to April’s house, where they see April’s roommate watching the second season finale of Peaky Blinders. This further inspires them to take action.

  • Late December of 2015: The dinner at Elizabeth’s on 37th having come and gone, Xanthe is free to break up with April, but finds that April has actually been more pleasant than usual lately. They reconsider the break-up, but Aberle and Vex quickly talk them back into it.

  • January 11th, 2016: After April verbally attacks Xanthe for not automatically spending their day off with her and Xanthe’s phone acting up, Xanthe sends the doctored email to April and blocks her on every account. April tries to reach out to Xanthe via an alter, saying that April was hospitalized for a suicide attempt. Xanthe confirms with Cotton that April is actually in her room, drawing, at the time.

  • February of 2016: Xanthe happens upon a false sexual assault allegation from April and discovers that this is beginning to wither away at their chance of making friends. Xanthe begins to spiral, and question if any of the alters and characters were even real.