These are subject to change, be updated as I’m filled in, and corrected. Everything shared here has been at the consent of the system.

Xanthe Crow Lutece Zeitstück: ZANTH KROH Loo-TESS ZITE-Shtook. They/it. Scorpio Sun, Virgo Rising, Leo Moon. Panromantic, pansexual. Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Depersonalization.

Theme song(s): Pour Me by Hollywood Undead, Centuries by Fall Out Boy, I’m Still Here by John Rzenick, Insincerely Yours by Shayfer James.

Fronting Frequency: Host.

200 years old, presents as 28. Host from December of 2012– Onward. The author of this blog. Created as a fictional character by an alchemist/author in the inworld’s 1822, they lived out the events of their namesake novella in between the 1860’s and 1890’s. Their inworld origin story took place in London, after stowing away on a ship and leaving their native Germany. Hovering on the edge of life and death, they were allowed only the illusion of life before discovering they’d died in the shipwreck that they’d stowed on. Xanthe’s existence seems to be inspired by at least three separate fictional characters, solely to combat the tyrannical personality of Kirra, who the former host was being abused by. That being said, their irreverence and egotism seemed to have been engineered as a defense against Kirra, specifically, and was invaluable to survive a romantic relationship with her. After freeing themself from Kirra, Xanthe thought they’d found solace in Arkady and Rowan, who accepted and validated Xanthe’s fantastical double-life. When this ended in bitter and public betrayal, Xanthe created this blog to reveal the cult and communicate better with their system. Xanthe spends their time writing, reading, drinking wine, and crowd-sourcing validation. Their aesthetic has been largely fantasy-Victorian. They’re known to be dry, eccentric, self-destructive, witty, and a fan of dark romanticism– arguably to a fault. They can also come across as egotistical, frivolous, and self-serving with a frequent penchant for alcohol and extravagance.

Nebula Aonai: Neb-Yu-LA Ay-Oh-Nigh. She/her. Virgo Sun, Scorpio Rising, Sagittarius Moon. Homoflexible. Autism, Depression, Borderline.

Theme song(s): Bless The Child by Nightwish

Fronting Frequency: Former host, now co-host after long period of dormancy.

The host between 2004-2012, a period of time marked by fraught adolescence, abusive friends, and frequent bullying. Nebula spent much of high school coping with alters and couldn’t understand why some friends couldn’t see others. Upon meeting Kirra in 2008, Nebula was fascinated by the fact that Kirra claimed she could also experience a life very similar to Nebula’s inworld, and later claimed to have met Nebula’s alters. For a period of years, Kirra would make characters to be companions to Nebula’s alters, though these characters would frequently start dying or threaten suicide if Nebula displeased Kirra. This isolation and Kirra’s combative nature cost Nebula most of her friends in 2011. Her one solace outside of this world was ‘Casey’, who became her best friend that she’d developed feelings for. However, when Kirra moved to Savannah to attend college, she manipulated Nebula into going with her. Entirely isolated, Nebula was forced dormant for several years until coming back in 2021 as Sparrow, having finally come to terms with their feelings for Casey, their resentment for Kirra, and their true gender identity.

Aberle Fabel Augegift: Ah-Burr-Lee FAH-Bell Owg-Gah-Gift, He/him. Leo Sun/Pisces Moon/Taurus Rising. Pansexual, Panromantic. ADHD, Bipolar.

Theme Song(s): Life is Beautiful by Sixx A.M., Down in Flames by Egypt Central, Where Butterflies Never Die by Broken Iris.

Fronting Frequency: Co-cons every month or so to ‘hang out’, rarely fronts by himself.

29 years old, but always looks younger. German-born, lives in Paris. Aberle’s a dear friend to the frequent fronters. He works as the leader of a black market/gang operation that’s become somewhat of a profitable haven for sex workers, assassins, thieves, and combinations of the three. He and his family were bred to be assassins for BND, the German equivalent of the MI6. He later fulfilled a lifelong dream of turning into a vampire and also getting into musical theatre. His hero is Lestat de Lioncourt. His aesthetic is simple and elegant, loving turtlenecks, blazers, and scarves. Aberle’s bold, theatrical, passionate, and a fair disposition. He also can lack a filter, come across as arrogant, and has more energy than he knows what to do with. Except when he doesn’t, where he’s known to disappear for weeks on end. His father is Audric, he dates Koji, Kaspar, and Alexander.

Xhaxhollari Icarus: ZACKS-Oh-Lah-Ree Ick-ah-Rus. He/It. Demi-Romantic, Asexual. PTSD, Autism.

Theme Song(s): Living in the Shadows by Matthew Perryman Jones, No One Can Save You Now by the Aviators, Writing on the Walls by the Aviators.

Fronting Frequency: Gatekeeper, weekly frequency at least.

Xhaxhollari split from Nebula sometime in 2006, at first seeming to only be a ‘watcher’ of all of the alters and the world in which they lived. When Kirra began to manipulate the inworld and the alters, Xhaxhollari took it upon himself to ‘pull strings’ or subtly force suggestions into the subconscious of his fellow alters in an effort to keep the peace. As time went on, he also took on a more active role in fronting, particularly as the hosts would need him to cover gaps within their fronting. Knowing more about the system, its inner workings, and its origins than most, Xhaxhollari has taken it upon himself to try to keep Living Fiction sane and functional(ish.) He’s notable for being one of the only members of the system who is sexually-repulsed and averse to intoxicants. His aesthetic is dark academia, though he prefers comfort over style. He has a marked fondness for Sherlock, Pokémon, the Portal series, documentaries about psychology or fraud, and he considers awful reality TV a guilty pleasure. Though he frequently watches, he rarely reveals himself, as he prefers not to be perceived after years of silent admin work. However, he can be given away by his ‘robotic’ nature, his tendency to be pedantic, his proximity to semantic debates, and an occasional stutter.

Sparrow Hemlock Harvey: Sagittarius Sun, Scorpio Moon, Aries Rising. Bisexual, Biromantic, Non-binary Genderfluid Trans-Masc. He/Him. PTSD, Borderline Personality Disorder.

Theme song(s): Sharpest Lives by My Chemical Romance, Jesus of Suburbia by Green Day, Golden Boy by Bryce Fox.

Fronting Frequency: Co-host, about half the week.

Having the misfortune to have died twice, Sparrow was formerly Nebula and half of the alter known as Story. While Xanthe was being inducted into the Faerie cult, Sparrow, as Story, was subjected to an imaginative array of torments when Rowan began to influence the inworld and seek him out. This has left him adrenaline-seeking, reckless, and prickly but he had notably severed his loyalty to Kirra, possibly shortly before or during his first death. Sparrow, still amnesiatic as to the life he had lived as Nebula, thought he was getting to know Casey for the first time. It was only after the two had dated for a while that he remembered having known and loved Casey before, though he’d kept it a secret in his first life. This also meant learning the jarring truth that he’d missed out on nearly a decade of his life and it seems an aim of his to make up for lost time. As co-host, he serves as an outspoken, sensitive, and emotionally-driven counter to Xanthe’s dryer personality. In the outerworld, he loves rollerskating, listening to music, exploring abandoned places, making cocktails at The Spirit Room, and drinking whiskey. He’d been adopted and employed by Jasper and Jack Harvey within the time-locked Chicago, in which he resides within the inworld. He’s an active part of the ‘Rail Kings’ gang and one of the bartenders at their speakeasy. He’s known for having very little to no filter and has pretty much every self-destructive tendency one can think of, but is absolutely loyal– probably to a fault.

Story: She/her/they/them

Theme Song(s): Sanctuary by Jack Strify, Fiction by Orgy, Paradise by Coldplay.

Fronting Frequency: No longer active.

Someone who was only conscious for about two years before splitting into Aelaris and Sparrow. She was only beginning to have her memories back, but would usually default to fawning and clinging to the idea of ‘family’ and ‘belonging’ while living with the Faerie Cult. She was fusing with the host in 2020, then split violently from Xanthe in early August of the same year. Sparrow recalls that Rowan had actually sought Story out, as Sparrow’s and Aelaris’ combined age left Story a minor. As an unstable fusion that was desperate to belong

Aelaris Sylfaen: Eh-LAER-iss Silh-Fane. She/They. Virgo Sun, Scorpio Rising, Sagittarius Moon. Pansexual, aromantic. PTSD, Autism.

Theme song(s): Sanctuary by Jack Strify, Paint It Black by Vanessa Carlton.

Fronting Frequency: Undisclosed.

This, except more tan and has elf ears.

Aelaris is known for being terrifyingly intelligent despite the appearance of an eight-year old girl, and has been compared to Claudia of the Vampire Chronicles. She’s otherwordly, darkly funny, childlike, and has displayed some overarching vengeful and even sadistic qualities. She’s been theorized to have been the system’s answer to Thysia’s reign, as Aelaris seems to have goddess-like appearance and abilities. It’s even been pointed out that her and Thysia seem to share a lot of similar traits, but whereas Thysia is more non-sentient with a goal to be ‘good’, Aelaris is more apt to display cunning and calculative tendencies. She’s fiercely protective over Sparrow, though identifying as his younger sister. It’s theorized that since Thysia is the extreme of selflessness, Aelaris could be the balance to her. She enjoys iridescent aesthetic, particularly centered around butterflies and crystals, and can usually be summoned with Disney films.

Audric Augegift: Ow-Drick Ow-gah-Gift. He/him. Sagittarius Sun, Scorpio Rising, Capricorn Moon. Pansexual, panromantic. Psychosis, PTSD, Addiction.

Theme Song(s): 45 by Shinedown, War of Change by Thousand Foot Crutch, Backfire by Egypt Central.

Fronting Frequency: Every few months, mostly co-conning.

Aberle’s father, he’s actually about 70 but appears as a 20-something year old man. (He found himself a new body, long story.) At first a bit of a villain in the inworld, he was an espionage agent and acted as an assassin for the BND (German version of FBI.) Upon losing his husband, wife, and two of his other sons, Audric went insane and tried to kill Aberle to ‘spare him from the world.’ Audric was killed instead, and then showed up again in a new body, retaining his memories and lacking the brain damage trauma caused. Fascinated by the downfalls of his past, he studies trauma disorders, PTSD, and psychology in general, as his late wife had schizophrenia. He’s also an absolute science and history nerd. He also acts as the occasional counselor of the system, helping to solve conflicts through blunt and non-judgmental observations. He can come off as stand-offish and non-social, but when he comes out of his shell, he’s like a chill version of Aberle. He’s currently dating a couple, Dominic and Joan, and lives in a penthouse in Paris near where Aberle lives.

Cecil Sigurdson: SEE-Sill Sih-Gurd-son. Aquarius Sun (He/Him) Homoflexible. PTSD, Depression, Addiction.

Theme song(s): Medicate by Theory of a Deadman, Everglow by Starset.

Fronting Frequency: Extremely rare.

Thackaray “Cecil” Sigurdson originally came into the world as Sound and Calisto’s psychological therapist. He’s originally from the Faroe islands, from two parents who are also renowned in the field. He acts like somewhat of a bastard child of Dr. House– arrogant, blunt, intelligent to the point of being irritating, depressed, reckless, and a drug addict. Aside from psychology, he loves astronomy, chemistry, and his rabbit– a homicidal white rabbit named Dracula. He’s also surprisingly athletic and an adept surfer. He’s in his early thirties and has made friends with many of his clients. Much like JaK, Kirra has used him to occasionally terrorize Sound, Koji, and Xanthe, so he could fall into abrasive, suicidal spirals– even guilting the others in therapy sessions and threatening to disclose in-session discussions to spouses. In fact, he was turned into a vampire after someone saving him after his attempt on his own life. He seemed, like JaK, to level out after the system broken contact with Kirra. He’s now married to Sumire and he’s recently had a child with him, by the name of Vesper. He’s also good friends with Audric, though they occasionally have violent disagreements.

Vex: Capricorn Sun, Aries Rising, Capricorn Moon. (She/her.) Homosexual, homoromantic. Anti-Social Personality Disorder.

Theme Song(s): Nemo by Nightwish, Somewhere by Within Temptation, Howl by Florence and the Machine, Cosmic Love by Florence in the Machine.

Fronting Frequency: Every couple of months, mostly co-con.

She’s emerged as a mother figure to Xanthe, specifically, though even they admit that she’s a cold and distant one– though fiercely protective. She’s thousands of years old, and looks to be stuck at about eighteen. Originally the crown princess if Atlantis, she used to be an abusive girlfriend, and it cost her dearly. (See: Thysia) Out of guilt and a sense of personal duty, she’s spent the past ten millennia trying to piece her girlfriend’s soul back together. She’s quiet, direct, stoic, but occasionally sarcastic and witty. She had a brief career as a silent film actress in the 1940’s. She’s one of the most powerful in the inworld, and has the ability to transform into a hellhound and fire elemental powers. She’s mostly present when Xanthe is in an abusive situation. She’s originally from Atlantis, which didn’t recognise gender, so she’s aggressively egalitarian. She doesn’t tend to have a set style– she usually prefers to be comfortable, but will dazzle with elaborate outfits on occasion. She avoids most people, unless it’s imperative that she talk with them.

Phisoxa Heroux Zeitstück: fee-Sohk-SA Heh-ROH ZITE-shtook. Sagittarius Sun, Scorpio Rising, Cancer Moon. (She/Her/He/Him) Narcissistic Personality Disorder, PTSD, Autism.

Theme Song(s): The Cross by Within Temptation. Everybody Wants to Rule The World, by Lorde, Dead Boy’s Poem by Nightwish.

Fronting Frequency: Every couple of months, both fronting and co-conning.

This, but burn scars on half of her face.

Phisoxa is the one who “wrote” Xanthe, though it’s debated if Xanthe was thought up as Sparrow’s OC first. Born in 1730, he was abandoned by his parents to an aggressively Christian orphanage in Freystadt, Prussia, where he was regularly abused and bullied for his autistic ticks. After meeting Vex, Phisoxa learned how to harvest souls, and attacked the orphanage, burning it to the ground and escaping. Afterwards, he shed his female-coded clothing and donned a more masculine disguise, as he’d been assigned female at birth. She lied her way into an inheritance meant for her brother and lived contentedly in Paris for many decades, stealing souls from corrupt religious figures and selling them to make herself inhuman– stopping her ageing, increasing her power, etc. He wrote Xanthe’s story as well as Xanthe themself, using pieces of different souls to Frankenstein her character/child together, and put Xanthe in a gold and blue watch until a body could be found for them. Phisoxa is insanely intelligent, but has been known to be impulsive, self-serving, and a bit maniacal. She’s also written music, created clockwork birds using stolen souls to power them, and created an army out of clockwork and corpses. She died in the inworld in the 1820’s, and has since resided in Phantasiae– but he’s occasionally able to come out into the rest of the inworld.

Kaspar Blythe Dusek: KAS-per BLYTH Doo-SHEK. Virgo Sun, Virgo Rising, Libra Moon. (She/Her/He/Him/They/Them/It/Its) Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

Theme Song(s): Where the Lonely Ones Roam by Digital Daggers, Killer Queen by Queen, Life on Mars by Aurora.

Fronting Frequency: About every month or so, mostly co-conning.

Born in Germany and assigned ‘Ambiguous at birth’, then raised in Prague, Czech Republic, Kaspar is Xanthe’s longest-lasting partner. Kaspar was previously with an aggressively monogamous and abusive partner, and since then has relished in a genderless, polyamorous persona. It was raised by its centurion grandmother, who had a general distrust of anything modern. It was a miracle that Kaspar was even vaccinated. As either a coincidence or a result, Kaspar retained a love for the vintage, particularly the rococo era. Its polite mannerisms reflect such a vintage upbringing, though its stance on many social issues, particularly gender, remain modern and liberal. Kaspar is a being of dichotomies, seeming altogether frivolous to hide its more calculating and precise nature. It’s also one for the backhanded compliments, as well as the affectionate critique. It loves to travel to Istanbul and definitely a workaholic in its family business. It was raised as the youngest as a family of politicians and small-time celebrities, so it’s as much adept with the public in general as it is bored by most of them.

Koji-Ru Hanasaki: KOH-jhee-Roo Hah-Nah-Sah-KEE. Aries Sun, Scorpio Rising, Libra Moon. (He/Him.) Homosexual, Homoromantic.

Theme Song(s): Could It Be by Staind, Lost in Paradise by Evanescence.

Fronting Frequency: Co-cons every couple of months or so.

A Picrew rendering of Koji. Pretty accurate, other than that Koji has olive-toned skin.

Appearing at first to be a rageful, homicidal, child-like alter of Sound’s, then eventually seemed to split from Sound altogether, Koji is now Sound’s younger half-brother. Born as a pureblood vampiric aristocrat in Japan in the 1750’s, and son of Prosper, Koji only managed to age to six years old before he was tragically killed by a child predator. Then he and Sound were briefly merged for a modern life that began in the 1990’s in Toronto, Canada. These days, after reuniting with his father, he’s become more rounded and refined as a person. He used to age-shift a lot, typically to the age that he’d died. After discussing the trauma with Prosper and both of them reliving the loss together, he’s stabilized considerably, usually hovering anywhere between 16-20. He has a passion for music, singing in musicals and steadily learning the cello from Sumire. He’s married to JaK and has a few other partners in the inworld, including Aberle. He also has a young son named Prospero. Being raised as an aristocrat, his privilege can show– but his friends have learned to check him. He’s become best friends with Sparrow. Around acquaintances, he can be stand-offish, but once he knows someone, he can show off his passionate, protective, dry-humoured, child-like self. He’s most often compared to Armand from the Vampire Chronicles, a series that he and Aberle both adore.

Sound of Silver Heart: Taurus Sun, Aquarius Rising, Sagittarius Moon. (She/her/he/him) Pansexual, panromantic. Schizophrenia, PTSD.

Theme Song(s): Bad Romance by Lady Gaga, Raise Your Glass by P!nk.

Fronting Frequency: Every few weeks or so, mostly around drag or to hang out with Sparrow.

A Picrew rendition of Sound. Her eyes are a bright silver and she has an undercut. Her skin is also olive, but lighter than Koji’s.

The self-proclaimed ‘Moon Goddess’, Sound was a bastard child to a drug addict in Toronto in 1991. He was a victim of child-trafficking from a young age and spent a strong amount of his adolescence erratic, risk-taking, and with a frenzied drive to keep himself distracted, entertained, and nowhere near sober. After being trafficked, she worked as a sex worker and self-medicated schizophrenia until she moved from Canada to Paris, France and was married to JaK. He was also adopted by Prosper, then it was discovered that Sound’s soul had been Prosper’s daughter originally, but had been stillborn. Working for his father’s couture fashion company, Sound has led a luxurious and eccentric lifestyle to make up for all of the years being hungry and living on the streets. Genderfluid and non-binary herself, her greatest accomplishments include releasing a line with several variances on proportion sizes, with non-gendered labels and inventing a sort of fabric weaved from gem and mineral fibers. Sound favours a silver and cyan colour-scheme and fantasy-based aesthetics. Having calmed down a bit from his adolescent years after having two children, (Wish and Wandyr), she still very much keeps up her brand of theatrical antics. Sound is extraverted, generally charming, outlandish, sensitive, and high-maintenance. She can occasionally come off as overwhelming, hypersexual, and loud, but she maintains a personal friendship with a good portion of the system.

JaK Sebastian Heart: Cancer Sun, Leo Rising, Aries Moon (He/Him) Omnisexual, Omniromantic. PTSD, possible Borderline Personality Disorder.

Theme Song(s): My Obsession by Cinema Bizarre, Tears in Vegas by Cinema Bizarre.

Fronting Frequency: Never, but is on here as a prominent persecutor and catalyst.

Strify from Cinema Bizarre | Картины эпохи ренессанса
Jack Strify, JaK’s face claim and his loose inspiration. JaK has pink eyes, though.

JaK Sebastian Heart is a ‘bount’, a race of elemental vampiric-like experiments created by alchemists by Greeks and Egyptians after the fall of Atlantis. JaK, as a result, is several thousand years old. He was homeless in Austria for a good amount of time, generally finding street cats to snuggle up with or living as a feral creature in the forest, and eventually fell into employ as the vampire king’s butler. He once attempted to settle down and have a normal, human life– but his only child was still-born and his wife left him for another man. He then spiraled into a series of flamboyant, self-destructive spirals until he met Sound, his spouse, in late 2009. The pair have since began a passionate partnership and have acted like newly weds ever since they were married. Working now as Prosper’s butler, he’s quite content with his two spouses, four children, and his Bengal kitten, Pyre. JaK almost seems to have two sides to him– On one hand, he’s infinitely loving and romantic, a wondrous chef, a charming socialite, generally a great father, and a longtime loyal friend of many social outcasts. On the other hand, his suicidal spirals can be outwardly destructive, and when wounded, he can be controlling, vindictive, raging, and even cruel. He was much worse when Kirra was around. For now, he still struggles with thousands of years worth of trauma while settling into family life, seeming to prefer the personalities of his spouses eclipse his own. He was chosen as a persecutor, as he was close with Kirra and tends to be prickly towards frequent fronters as a result.

Prosper Cain Hanasaki: Taurus Sun, (He/Him). Pansexual, panromantic. Bipolar, PTSD, possible Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

Theme song(s): Dark Paradise by Lana Del Rey, Memories by Within Temptation.

Fronting Frequency: Co-cons twice a year on average.

Again, as per usual with the Hanasakis, his natural skin is a touch more olive.

Prosper was born as a pureblood Methusilla vampire in Prussia sometime in the late 1400’s. He refuses to get more specific than that, though his oldest confidants confirm he was born sometime in early May. His upbringing was consistently solitary. He was at best, a distant companion and at worst, a witty antagonist. This changed markedly when he was arranged into a marriage with Vixon, who seemed every bit as acidic and frivolous as he. The two were madly in love and had a son, Koji-ru. Tragedy struck and Prosper lost both his wife and his son in a short span of time. By the time he took JaK on as a butler, he was deeply embittered, temperamental, and embroiled in addiction. When his son returned to the land of the living and his daughter made herself known, Prosper took the cue to start living again. Not that he’s not still bitter as a personality trait. Prosper owns a fashion industry in Paris, and is so prevalent in the inworld that he’s practically the male counterpart of Meryll Streep’s character in The Devil Wears Prada. That includes the demanding nature, pretension, and general flamboyance. He adores poisonous plants and trees and treats fashion as a religion. He has a bad habit of lashing out to the people closest to him, especially as he adjusts out of his near lifetime of isolation. And yet, he also threatens and insults people as an affectionate gesture, something he appreciates reciprocated. Altogether, a bizarre, sour old dragon, but a lovely man to know.

Romeo Snow: Capricorn Sun. (He/Him) Pansexual, panromantic. PTSD, Borderline Personality Disorder.

Fronting Frequency: Never, but prominent member in the Living Fiction history.

Romeo essentially looks very much like this.

Born and raised in Ancient Athens, Greece, Romeo is a bount, much like JaK. Like JaK and the other bounts, he suffered a life of being forced into war, homelessness, fell into partying and addiction, before finally ending up becoming a butler. Though, the butler aspect is really more in title than in… anything Romeo actually does. Described by Audric as, ‘being two steps off from being a Little,’ Romeo, in his mid-twenties, maintains bubbly, child-like mannerisms and adores being pampered. It’s a joke among his English household that he can wear any unreasonable high-heel he desires, for Calisto carries him to the point where he doesn’t need to walk. However, at a moment’s notice, can turn doting, motherly, and nurturing. Almost overbearingly so, in true Greek fashion. A lifelong friend of JaK’s, Romeo had a large crush on JaK before he married Sound. Romeo took this love affair about as well as can be expected and eventually, Calisto, Sound’s lifelong friend, was assigned to keep a suicide watch on him. Out of that grew a loving, yet sometimes tumultuous, marriage. Romeo has had a history of suicidal spirals and occasionally utilizing a mob mentality, but since being diagnosed with BPD and medicated with mood stabilizers, he’s doing much better. He has a Gala Cockatoo named Lavont. He models as a hobby, and also works as receptionist for Calisto’s hair salon. He loves the beach and has a love of anything cute and pastel. With Calisto, he has three children. Nikolai, Maiya, and Scyenne.

Calisto Romanov Snow: Capricorn Sun, Virgo Rising, Sagittarius Moon. (He/Him) Bisexual, biromantic. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

Theme Song(s): Through the Glass by Stone Sour.

This is pretty much him. Aside from the splash of gold near his pupils.

In 1989 in St. Petersburg, Russia. Calisto was born as the second-youngest sibling out of seven to the fallen Romanov throne and, is in fact, a direct descendent of Anatasia. His family fled to Toronto, Canada, when he was only three. Still clinging to the toppled imperial Russia, his parents hoped that Calisto having been born on December 25th was some sort of divine sign, and doted on their sickly son at the fatal expense of his siblings. He ran away and went to live with Sound and they both learned to grow, and occasionally faltering in the dichotomy of their near opposite personalities. Calisto is reserved, dry, stoic, and most content at doing subtle favours for those he loves. He can occasionally come off as neurotic, having suppressed every unique trait about himself for most of his life. When put through too consistent stress, he ends up being overly critical, distant, and apathetic. He also delights in gently bullying his loved ones, particularly his husband, Romeo. He lives with his adopted father, Dashiell, a laid-back and soft-hearted pureblood vampire who lives outside of London. He’s taken on Romeo’s butler duties and owns his own tiny hair salon, Hairloom. (Yes, really.) Calisto has been known to keep himself occupied in others’ affairs, to the point of being nosy, but he’s been in the habit of surround himself with dramatic people in order to put out fires and focus on anyone other than himself. It’s been to the point that he’s only just recently started exploring his hobbies and passions. But since he has three children, a dramatic friend circle, and an eccentric adoptive father– he certainly has his hands full.

Kajmir: KAHJH-Meer. Libra Sun. (He/him/it/its/she/her) Pansexual, Demi-Romantic.

Theme Song(s): Svanrand by Heilung.

Fronting Frequency: A couple of times a year, mostly in times of high stress.

Kajmir was born in Atlantis before the two sides of the island merged to even form Atlantis, as many knew it. A direct ancestor of Lazuli’s line and an uncle/aunt to Vex’s, Kajmir and his brother, Thorne, were born before Chaotics, vampires, etc. had even genetically separated into different races. The two halves of the island used to wage war as two sibling regents fought for control of it. Kajmir and Thorne did not know they were related, and were thought equally gifted on opposite sides of the battle field. Kajmir was deaf, but could use illusion to manipulate sight. Thorne was blind, but could use soundwaves to control his enemies. The two grew up similarly isolated as they were groomed and trained for battle only, but managed to form an unwilling sort of companionship during accidental meetings in battle. It came to be that meeting his adversary in battle was the only joy and warmth Kajmir ever knew– though it did not take away from its sadistic and blood-thirsty side. Kajmir was known for being excessive, pretentious, and maniacal. Kajmir values strength above connection. Kajmir, interestingly enough, loathes Arkady because his alter was supposedly Thorne, and Arkady took his name, for a time; which Kajmir considers a grave insult. It adored teasing and angering Thorne with great affection, giving extreme meaning to, ‘A glutton for punishment.’

Oscar Fingal O’Flahertie Wills Wilde: Libra Sun, Virgo Rising, Leo Moon. Bisexual, biromantic. (He/Him) Bipolar Disorder, Addiction.

Theme song(s): The Metro by Sleepthief, Oscar Wilde Gets Out by Elton John, Who Wants To Live Forever? by Queen.

Fronting Frequency: Once every couple of months. Sometimes co-con with Xanthe, sometimes fronting for cafes or frivolous dining experiences.

Oscar Wilde would have used Grindr — Quartz

Oscar Wilde was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1854. He adored the idea of aesthetic so much that he made it into a movement– Aestheticism, beauty for beauty’s sake. He was also quite liberal, for not only his time, but also this time– arguing vehemently for Irish liberation and socialism for the sake of artists having time to simply create. A celebrated wit and playwright, Oscar enjoyed the luxury of the same London society he mocked until he fell into an abusive relationship with Alfred “Bosie” Douglas. Bosie’s interests soon led to Oscar’s sexual and romantic preferences of bisexuality being exposed, which was still criminal at this time. He was sentenced to two years hard labor. The country turned on him, causing him to lose his well-deserved career. The host has had a fervent admiration for him as a historic figure since 2013. In 2018, Arkady convinced Xanthe that Oscar Wilde would have had to have been a past-life for them. Xanthe resisted, at first, believing the Wilde persona to be too divine to be connected to it. But when Arkady asserted that his past life/alter, Visarden, had known Oscar and seen him in Xanthe, Living Fiction gained Oscar as an alter. As a factive, Oscar very much resembles his historic persona, with the exception of remembering and being in love with Visarden. He tends to come out when the interest/subject concerns him, and he speaks in his more rounded, posh accent than the host. He has trauma around abusive relationships and prison, and never fails to pop out to mock the English. (Or sample champagne.)

Jasper Morgan Harvey: Leo Sun, Sagittarius Moon, Aries Rising. (He/Him but She/Her only when in drag). Homoflexible, Homoromantic. Bipolar.

Theme song(s): First We Take Manhattan by Leonard Cohen.

Fronting Frequency: A couple of times a month.

This, except Jasper’s scar went diagonally across his face.

Born in August of 1902, Jasper Harvey and his younger brother, Jack, were orphans and petty criminals in Chicago, Illinois, until the Prohibition, which was arguably the best thing that could’ve happened to either of them. Starting from the ground up from a trainyard smuggling ring, he and Jack created a bootlegging gang known as the Rail Kings, who even caught the attention of Bugsy Moran and Al Capone. Jasper was known for being creative, flamboyant, impulsive, wily, and always down for a fight. Born as an androgen-insensitive intersex person, Jasper chose at a young age to primarily present as male. However, he did explore his gender a bit more and found he was perfectly content with taking trips to New Orleans and pretending to be a flapper girl by the name of Jazz. He has asserted, looking back on his life, that he probably was more non-binary than male. His life was marked by manic highs and sinking lows, which he tried to self-medicate with a tumultuous combination of cocaine and booze. His brother Jack was closest to him, and even became educated on medical science in order to keep his transgender brother out of medical offices. Jasper died in December of 1933, drowned in the Chicago River by a rival gang. He identifies now as a past-life of Xanthe’s. He’s typically active when watching or reading anything like his life in Chicago, and is very much involved with a novel the host is writing of his rise and fall as a bootleg kingpin. He’s Sparrow’s adoptive father, having taken him in when Sparrow was homeless in the inworld.

Thysia: “thee-see-AH.” Presumably she/her. Autistic.

Theme song(s): Bless the Child by Nightwish.

Fronting Frequency: In extremely critical situations only, particularly after the ‘death’ of a host.

This, but with a much more golden skintone. (Damn Picrew and their white tones.)

Thysia is a somewhat legendary entity, rarely seen but often spoken of. She was from Atlantis, where she formed a romantic relationship with a much younger Vex. Vex had yet to be humbled in life, but was immensely unhappy and other’d, and took it out on Thysia. Thysia was reduced to someone blindly loyal, who’d once sold half of her soul so that Vex wouldn’t feel inferior to her. As time went on, Thysia sold the other half to bring back Vex’s deceased brother. This led to Thysia’s personality, consciousness, etc. being scattered throughout the timelines. People can be born with a ‘piece’ of her soul, which gives them the ability to ‘steal’ souls. But it also tends to lead them to an abuser very much like what Vex used to be, who usually leads to the possessor’s early death. After gathering the pieces for thousands of years, Vex has constructed much of Thysia’s form in an in-between dimension known as Phantasiae. Thysia hovers there, in a crystal cave, as a metallic, deified being filled with power and bitterness of experiencing every broken heart of its hosts. Sometimes, she’s more lucid than others, and more like herself. Other times, she is a cold-hearted, vengeful god. Vex’s final goal is to put her back together, but it’s a task that will take hundreds more years. While fronting, Thysia is more of a protocol than a person. When something catastrophic happens like a host split, she will front for a time, reflecting the ideals of those surrounding her. This is believed to be a defense mechanism, as if trying to become a perfect cult member in order not to be hurt. She seems to have been formed in connection with Shadow, possibly even around that time.

Sumire: Soo-MY-err. He/Him. Capricorn Sun. PTSD, Synesthesia. Homoromantic, homosexual.

Theme song(s): Play, Minstrel, Play by Blackmore’s Night.

Fronting Frequency: Once a year, only co-fronting.

Exactly what he looks like, though his face is a bit more angular.

Sumire was born in Ho Chih Minh about 1200 years ago, to a Russian vampiric father and a Chinese human mother. His father disappeared (not by choice) before he was born, leaving his mother unmarried and destitute. From an early age, he was entranced and talented at music, first learning on a Pipa that his father had left behind. His mother eventually remarried to a younger man who gambled her house away. She eventually fell into insanity, and was later burned as a witch. Sumire left home specifically to find and kill his stepfather in revenge, then travelled the world, giving musical performances in exchange for meals and board. Early on, he discovered that he could entrance people with his music, even commanding their emotions with certain tones, making them more likely to leave larger gratuity. In his long life, he’s mastered nearly every instrument, and even began building his own. Due to the rocky beginning of his own life, as well as the racism and homophobia experienced from both halves of his ethnicity, Sumire was often ‘other’d’ and fell into a defecting cult led by a master manipulator. After the demise of the majority of the members of this group, Sumire went insane, and spent nearly one hundred years living in the Himalayas. Once he was calmed down and reinstated in Alcaeus’ Thread, he was assigned to be Ethniu’s suicide watch. Ethniu became his very best friend. Sumire fell in love with Cecil a couple of years ago, and they were married. They have an infant daughter, Vesper. Sumire has a protective, calm, caring nature that sometimes comes off as stoic and aloof– he has no trouble in standing up for what’s right, but also doesn’t look for fights. He’s particular about his craft, in both instructing music students and building musical instruments. He and Cecil have made themselves a power couple, researching music and psychology. He’s usually one of the first to stick up for me in the system, as his history with being manipulated and then ostracized for it.

Ethniu: EEth-nee-yoo. Gemini Sun. He/him. Heterosexual, hetero-romantic. PTSD, Depression, Alcoholism.

Theme Song(s): Look Closer by the Clockwork Quartet.

Fronting Frequency: A few times a year.

This, with more honey tones in his hair. Also, he really likes plaid.

Ethniu is probably one of the only people in the system who grew up a relatively happy and cared-for child. His parents died of disease, leaving himself and his older brother to be raised by their grandparents on a Welsh farm. He and his brother were both drafted to the English-Spanish war, where his brother was shot and killed by friendly fire. (A British nationalist.) Ethniu, of course, condemned the man, but refused revenge and even was his medic, but did disclose the other man’s crimes so he could stand trial. Ethniu is a pacifist, almost to a fault. He loves science, particularly understanding the more magical elements of the inworld, and also astronomy. Shortly after marrying and having a daughter, he was hired by the same scientific faction that imprisoned the bounts and used them as science experiments. Ethniu’s conscience could not let this last, so he freed the bounts in what he thought was secret. (These bounts included JaK and another friend of his, Matt.) His entire family was killed in retaliation, even his sheepdog. Due to this, Ethniu has been prone to deep, depressive spells and alcoholism, but generally tries to distract himself with research. Usually the voice of reason, he’s always hated the thought of people getting hurt. He also can be quite witty, kind, and sensitive. He sounds primarily British until he’s drunk, then the Welsh comes out. He’s also a close friend of Sumire, Cecil, and Audric. The four are known to discuss theories and scientific discovery until the wee hours, none of them sober by the end of it.

Corrine Corruptus: (PENDING)