That night was probably the final push I needed to spiral past the point of no return. Because, like I said, sometimes I obsessively pinpoint things. That was my point of no return.
A countdown was begun.

But in this particular day, when Avery hadn’t responded to any of my texts, I happened to notice what their last status update was:
“Either I will fix this body or I will destroy it.”
That’s not a good sign.
That’s when April pretended to be struct blind, because of course she did.

It then devolved into April wallowing in the notion that there was no one ‘for her.’ I remember that specifically. “Why is there no one for ME?”
Also, the thought of being for someone made my skin crawl. As if the fact I was exploring polyamorous feelings entirely negated any blind devotion I’d felt for her.

Do I think Ash is evil? No. But the truth seems to be that that they’re so easily influenced by whoever is their favourite person at the time that you practically have to cryogenically seal them to trust them– Encourage a friend’s suicide? Blame Lapa. Turn on your fiance? Blame Sedona. Go through March’s documents? All my influence, obviously. Going through my journals? All Seven. I mean, all justified– I mean–